How We Can Help

America is among the best countries on the planet and must be the healthiest country worldwide-- the design for healthy living around the world. The unhealthy way of life of numerous Americans and the worrying rates of weight problems amongst youth show otherwise. The Health Fitness Transformation, a motion led, is a not-for-profit company committed to making America a much healthier country.
By uniting countless individuals in the neighborhood, Our Business intends to alter the way individuals consider fitness, including appropriate exercise and nutrition practices into the extremely material of household and society.

At the heart of Our Business is the ReSync Method-- a world-class training approach that utilizes the body's own resistance to increase balance, strength, and speed. The ReSync Method teaches households the best ways to exercise together, without the requirement for pricey fitness center subscriptions and unsafe fitness makers, to construct more powerful, much healthier households.
Our Business will attain its objectives by equipping Americans with tools to live a healthy way of life. Through a range of channels in the neighborhood, like schools, churches, recreation center and corporations, the Health Fitness Transformation will host occasions and workshops to inform kids and their moms and dads about the principles of physical conditioning and nutrition.